Current Notices:

To all members: 2021-07-20

Due to covid level 5 restrictions put in place as of 6PM 20/7/2021,
All club activities must cease until further notice.

To all members: 2021-06-01

It was resolved at the most recent commitee meeting
that members need to be reminded of the club policy 
of attendance at least two events per year - 
one of which can be the AGM. 

Should members with conditional registration not 
adhere to this policy then their membership can 
and will be refused in the future. 

Could you please contact our Treasurer Paul Schutz on 0413 566 531
to pay your membership and either Adrian Verrall on 0431 898 883 or 
Bob Deans on 0419 671 998 to update your log books 
so that your vehicle is legal to drive on the road. 

This notice has been sent to all members. 
Ros Schultz 

Ros Schultz